The Past

When you set yourself out there as a public figure running for an elected position, the obvious questions arises...What is your background? What qualities do you have that will make you a good elected official?

My background is in entrepreneurial development, growth and stability.

With an Administrative Business Certificate from Canadian Job Strategies, my entrepreneurial journey includes:

In 2004, I opened a pole and aerial arts facility in Edmonton, AB, successfully creating an industry in Canada by supporting the communities I opened a facility in. Between 2004 and 2013, I opened 6 facilities in Alberta, creating 96 new part time jobs. The business survived the economic downturn and covid closures because I practiced being fiscally responsible, with no unnecessary spending.  Essentially running lean and mean for almost 4 years (2 of which closed with no income).

In 2007, I founded PFIC Canada (Pole and Aerial Fitness Instruction Commission of Canada) under my corporation and have published 4 educational learning manuals, 3 sport certification courses and 1 online learning academy.  The board has certified over 1000 instructors nationally. This Commission adheres to a Code of Ethics as an Educational Commission, and as it's Founder and Chair Director I hold the same ethical qualities. Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability.

In 2008, I created, organized and hosted an international fitness event in Calgary, Alberta.  This event successfully ran for 6 years, hosting over 100 people from 13 countries without donations, borrowed financial funding or monetary sponsorship.

In 2010, I began taking online studies to assist me in my entrepreneurial adventures, acquiring certificates in a variety of courses including media marketing, digital design, web design, business accounting, business management, anatomy and sport fitness.

The Present

Peachland is now my home, it has been for over 2 years now.  It was a dream to live here since my first visit in the early 90's when we stayed at Todd's campground. 

I am 52 years old, married to a incredibly supportive man. I have 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters, 2 grandsons and 2 Scottish Terriers pups.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for PFIC Canada as Chair Director, overseeing the scope of practice of over 700 instructors nationally. September 2022 marks 18 years as the owner of PoleJunkies PDS Ltd.  My daughter manages the daily operations of the one remaining facility in my absence. I have a schedule that permits me to invest time into researching information prior to council meetings so I am able to make sound judgement and decisions. 

I love supporting entrepreneurs like myself by providing volunteer assistance in business start ups, workshops and furthermore offering website design and creation services at affordable prices with Web Simple Sites.

I am an avid crafter and diy'er with a huge creative streak!  I know I have made a few of you items since I have been here.

I have also have the honor of creating and administering some wonderful community groups on Facebook.

  • Peachland Neighbours
  • Upcycle Peachland
  • Peachland Dog Owner's Club
  • Peachland Fruit Pickers and Growers
  • Peachland Cricut Crafters
  • Peachland Electoral Race 2022 (I have stepped down as admin of this group)


The Future

My intent, if elected to Council, is simple, direct and in proper planning and preservation to prepare for the inevitable growth of our Beautifully Historic Peachland. 

Ensuring the development decisions made meet the current needs of the community, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Improve, Respect, Protect, Plan.

The advantages of sustainable development are ensuring a better life today and tomorrow, lower the impact on the environment and achieving long-term stable growth

I have been an advocate to many things in my life, my father (RIP), my mother, my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my pets, my home, my businesses and of course my community.

I will be a voice that will be heard on Council.  I will echo the sentiments of the residents and land owners of Peachland. From our watershed, to local organizations, to infrastructure, to protective service requirements.

Fiscal Responsibility is essential to creating a better, stronger, more prosperous district.  The choices we make today...or fail to make today...will determine what kind of future our children & grandchildren will inherit.

I intend to advocate for 'self control' and accountability for Council spending and promote more transparent financial management.

Over 20 years of business management and operations have provided me with the skills needed to act financially responsible.

All residents and land owners who pay municipal taxes should be receiving basic municipal services. 

Unfortunately, they do not.

I intend to work on the equality of the municipality, advocating for Equality throughout the entire Municipality.

I intend to assist in researching grants and funding programs that are available to the district.

Continue to organize, contribute and participate in events and activities intended to improve the quality of life in our community.

I will step up to the plate to advocate the quality of life in Peachland by beginning to and continuing to engage with all community organizations, societies, departments and residents to positively represent their views.

Improved Infrastructure is important for economic growth by streamlining regulatory burdens to reduce duplication and maximize the public benefit.

Roads, drainage, walkways, utilities, public buildings that house our school, community centers and protective services are all part of the infrastructure of the District. Care and Fiscal Responsibility must go hand in hand with Improved Infrastructure.

Open Door/Email/Phone Policy

I intend to be accessible at all times during the week between 9am-5pm.

Feel free to email, call or even stop by one of the events and chat about your concerns.


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