Make Your Vote Count on October 15th.
Vote for Alena Glasman for Peachland Council

Choose a Councillor who will Strive for the Community.

Now for the details....not just good buzz-words.

What is Important to me?   What do I Support?   Why vote for me? What is my Intent?


I feel it is important to plan for the future of Peachland. To ensure it's ability to provide to it's current and future residents by being a sustainable district. One that is desirable, affordable and can keep it's identity during required growth and subsequent required upgrades.

It is important that Peachland is able to afford the natural progression of growth in all areas (residential, commercial and industrial) without financially crippling residents, land owners, developers and the district itself.

It is also important to review, structure and consolidate current Bylaws to coincide and bind the OCP & SDP together.


I support smart development. Developments that makes sense to Peachland as a whole as well as it's residents. We need more housing and more commercial opportunities.

I support protection and preservation of our watershed, as without it..we have no water.

I support sidewalks, street & traffic lights and safe roads for all residents.

I support a community that includes animals along with children when addressing needs.

I support fiscal responsibility and accountability. Spend wisely and own your errors.

I support a Bypass (not the one presented) because a 4 lane Highway would be disastrous to our community.

I support the community being heard, spoken for and defended.

Why Me

I have a longstanding commitment to ethics. Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.

I am able to engage with people and can effectively connect with them with conversation.

I am a quick learner, who is always willing to read and dig deeper to find options.

I have the ability to problem solve and work with others to reach positive and successful solutions.

I have the time to invest into our community's success and Iook forward to the possibility of being a community advocate on council.

My Intent

My intent is to be the voice of the community.  I want to ask the hard questions. I want to contribute to the betterment of Peachland.  

There is only so much that can be done in a 4 year term, but I intend to do my best to assist in putting Peachland back on track to be a Sustainable District.

I intend to assist in research for grants and funding for as many items I support as possible.

A Community Voice for Peachland.

Call me an ear, an echo, a voice or advocate...truth is, I can't be any of those if I don't hear from you!

Building relationships with the residents and land owners of the community, all areas of the community, is something I truly want to do.

I would love to hear your answers & feedback on 10 questions about Peachland and your view of it.

Please take a moment to fill out my community survey.



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